The most famous of Robert William Hughes' films (and one of his last) is "Silent Film Star vs The Undead" from 1929. The film recently finished being digitally restored and is now appearing around the United States at small film festivals. Images below are from the newly restored version of the film:

Actress Actor Undead

Hughes' full catalogue is still not known, though his films are said to number around thirty. Known films of his in the Silent Film Star series are "Silent Film Star vs The Minions of Hell" (1921), "Silent Film Star vs The Starmen" (1924) and "Silent Film Star vs The Darkness" (1926.)

Studio funding was unavailable after his first few pictures due to dismal performance on returns, but somehow, Robert William Hughes continued to find money, from his own personal pockets, to family, to friends, even to overseas investors. His Silent Film Star seemed even more popular in other areas of the world and he did whatever he needed to to make sure he continued to make his films.

It is unknown at this time which of these films has been unearthed and will be restored for viewing, but as more is learned of his full catalogue, it will be listed here immediately.


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